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Tissue Paper Stained Glass Project

Here is a fun project that you can make at home!

It is a paper-based project that entails a stained-glass effect.

To make this fun project you will need these materials:

  • Black construction paper

  • Different colored tissue paper

  • Glue

  • Scissors

  • Pencil

  • White colored pencil

  1. Cut out a frame.

Two methods:

  • An adult can use an exacto knife to cut around the edges.

  • Cut all four edges of the paper with scissors and glue the corners together.

2. Cut black strips of paper.

How to make customized shapes:

  • Draw the outline (keep it simple)

  • Cut it out

3. Organize your design.

DO: Make sure it is connected to frame

CHALLENGE: Have floating design

4. Glue the edges together.

*Tip: Allow each piece to dry before moving onto the next to avoid your design moving out of place.

5. Get tissue paper. 6. Trace over the 7. Put glue on the 8. Place the tissue paper

black edge edges. carefully on the edges.

9. Repeat steps until you are done.

10. Flip it over and hold it up to the light!

What style did you go for?

  • Abstract

  • Figurative


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