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Noelle Allen

Noelle Allen, Owner of Slowfire®️

Within the last 14 years, I have shown my art widely within the Chicago area and across the United States. I have consistently made artwork on a daily basis since receiving an MFA in sculpture from the Art Institute of Chicago in 2004.


I am always seeking to challenge myself to innovate across mediums and technologies. The daily articulations in the studio, rooted in formula, physicality, and materials are about the realization of long development processes and my commitment to play in the area between intuition and precision.


This has ultimately led me to develop a tiny custom ceramics business, Slowfire. Slowfire will incorporate the meaningful, exploratory practice of art with the larger goal to create functional vessels and custom sculptural pieces for the home. I throw, build, glaze, and fire all of the work myself. I work out of my home in Oak Park, IL and at Dominican University, where I am a full-time professor in sculpture and ceramics.

Meet the Teachers

Meet the Teachers

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