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How Ceramics Will Improve Your Mental Health:

Aside from the fun that happens whilst working with clay, there are so many benefits to our mental health. Slowfire is an advocate for healthy minds and bodies. Our ceramic classes attend to those necessities. Here is a list and reasons why you should consider making pottery.

  1. Stress reliever: A hands on experience with clay can help you loosen up in mind and body.

  2. Pain-killer: Stress can stiff up our bodies including headaches, sore muscles, back pain, etc. When working with clay, your cortisol levels will decrease which effects our immune systems, blood pressure, and metabolism. Stressed related pain can diminish.

  3. Reducing symptoms of mental disorders: High levels of cortisol can lead to anxiety and stress as well. There have been studies showing those effected mainly by anxiety and PTSD greatly benefit from those rising cortisol levels.

  4. Emotional stability: While working with clay, your body may enter a state of meditation. The relaxed state may allow you to let go of worries and other stressful factors.

  5. Relieving joint pain: Research shows that arthritis gets worse as years progress. However, low-impact exercises may help reduce pain in the joints.

Are you interested in starting to work with clay? Slowfire offers different memberships and classes:

- We have an upcoming Mother's Day Workshop this Saturday 4/27 where a child can make a ceramic piece and decorate a bag & gift card to go along with it. The pieces will be fired and available the week before Mother's Day. Here is the link for more information: - For adults we offer memberships where you can come into the studio and work. Here is the link for more information: We hope to see your face at our studio soon!

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