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Our Successful Dream Art Studio Dioramas at Lincoln Elementary School!

In February, I worked with my students on a 3D art project in the Mixed Media classes at Lincoln Elementary School on Thursdays. The prompt was to imagine if all your dreams come true, and you were asked to create an example of your dream studio. What would you put in your studio? What are some things that might be unique from others?

My students did a fantastic job brainstorming the works of clay and styrofoam to make different furniture and art pieces! I saw a lot of unique tables, chairs, plant pots, and even televisions! The artists were also able to practice their problem-solving skills. This involved the building aspect of each piece of furniture. How could we make structures that were secure and can stand up? 

Overall, I was proud to see all the final projects and the unique personalities come to life in a dream studio! I attached some photos to the blog post below; what do you think? 

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