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Scholarships Available for Students in Need

Original founders of Slowfire Arts Studio, Noelle Allen Wright and Alice Arreola.

Scholarships for local students in need received a boost from a recent benefit gala from the Slowfire Arts Foundation.

Held in November at the Foundry in Forest Park, the night included food and drinks, a silent auction, raffle prizes, and stand-up comedy performed by Chad Kroeger from Chad and JT Go Deep (@chadgoesdeep). Auction and raffle prizes included gift baskets from local businesses, plus classes and events hosted by the Slowfire staff.

The mission of the Slowfire Arts Foundation is to provide scholarships for students of all ages, from children to seniors, who are at an economic disadvantage. The SAF’s goal is to bring art into our local community, making it accessible to all.

The SAF was able to raise $18,000 during the gala, sponsored by American House Senior Living, and an extra $5,000 through private donations. We have scholarships available for the upcoming year and there are sliding scale options in the early childhood program.

The success of the gala could not have happened without all the support from staff and friends. A special thank you to Grace and Chris Winston, Anita Lebling, Brie Maldonado, Cathy Starr, and to everyone else!

For more information on available scholarships please visit

Silent auction items curated from local businesses, artists, and Slowfire students.

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