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Happy Valentine’s Day from Slowfire! ♡: Fun Heart-Loving Art Activities

Happy Valentine’s or Galentine’s Day from us at Slowfire! Today is fun and loving as we exchange our gratitude and happiness with our loved ones. Art, especially, can be a fun way to express our feelings towards someone--what are some fun activities to do with your loved ones on this special day? 

Below are some fun ideas for anyone interested!

  1. ♡Paint and Sip nights! Grab a couple of canvas boards, paint brushes, paint, and water, and get together to paint a Valentine’s Day theme painting! Some cute ideas might be heart-shaped items like plants, candy, and clouds!

  2. ♡Crochet away! For those who love to crochet, this would be an excellent opportunity to come together and crochet different Valentine-themed patches, join the patches, and make a quilt! Seeing everyone’s personalities into a crocheted square patch would be fun. I could feel all the love already!

  3. ♡Art collaging with magazines and newspapers! Let’s scavenger hunt for themes of pictures and colors to cut and glue together to make hearts! An entire heart can be created out of pieces of paper that you can cut out from magazines in your home, and you can also ask for expired magazines to take for free at your local library! 

  4. ♡Glazing Bisque Ware Cups! For those ceramics lovers, decorating bisque ware cups can be a fun gift for our loved ones! With underglaze, you can also paint phrases of love and your receiver’s name! Remember that using a transparent glaze afterward can help preserve your underglaze artwork!

So, what do you think? Are there any other art activities to add to this month full of love? I hope everyone has a fun Valentine’s Day! <3 

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