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Week 1 Camp Recap! (Wed-Fri)

Our first week of camp concluded beautifully!

Alice in Chicagoland Adventure camp attended the Field Museum to see the exhibit 'Bloodsuckers', took a Shoreline boat tour, and visited the Museum of Science and Industry!

LEGO campers had fun at the Conservatory and Rehm Park this past week! Students created LEGO vehicles, LEGO land board games, and Lego Pinatas! On friday, students made lego bracelets and worked on tall and stable lego structures! Ms. Maliya, Ms. Maisie, and Ms. Jennifer reported a week full of fun friendship making, art, and creativity!

Taylor Swift Music/Art Camp

Our oldest campers tried their hand at the wheel! Students finished all of their jewelry dishes, crazy coil plates, and ceramic charms. With Ms. Metzli, students created paintings, light up sculptural stages, and model magic snake sculptures! Mr. Shane led the students in learning all kinds of instruments and they collaborated on their songs. Students played the drum kit, keyboards, guitars, and sang!

Wheel Campers with Mr. Tyler and Ms. Lauren worked hard on learning the wheel! They concluded the week with underglazing and glazing all of their beautiful new cylinders.

Pastry Campers made peach/blueberry pie, vegan brownie cookies, sweet profiteroles and savory profiteroles with Ms. Natalie!

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