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Student of the week: Max!

Max is a longtime Slowfire student and was most recently enrolled in Ms. Salma’s Anime/ Manga Class. Seeing Max each week is such a pleasure! Salma always gets greeted by Max with a big smile, and they share a different Manga book with the class each time!

Max consistently challenges themselves to try new things, work with different mediums, and quickly picks up new skills. As shown below, one of Max's characters is in full-body perspective.

Salma and other Slowfire staff are always excited to see what Max works on! We are so thankful to know Max. They are such an essential member of our Slowfire family!

To the left is a Japanese-inspired architecture watercolor painting that Max painted in Ms. Salma's class

To the right is a comic strip hand-painted by Max using watercolors, also done with Ms. Salma

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