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Student of the week: Katie!

December 8th, 2023

By: Josslyn Baron

Katie and her graphite self-portrait

Katie has enrolled in my adult painting classes for Fall I and II. She brings such a fantastic amount of energy to the class and comes to each class prepared and excited. She often expresses to me how she thinks about all her projects before class and even does preliminary sketches in preparation. I was in awe of her dedication and willingness to expand on her art. I have witnessed an extreme amount of growth in her art and her confidence with different materials.

So far, Katie has worked with and has shown great skill in watercolor, oil pastels, acrylic paint, graphite pencils, and oil paint! She has worked with landscape composition, portraiture, color theory, gridding, and observational drawing for projects.

Working with Katie and getting to know her has been such a pleasure. Her spirit brings such an essential energy to our Slowfire community.

To the right, we see Katie and her replication of Kandinsky circles, exploring shape and color theory.

Left: Katie's Oil Pastel Cactus, Right: Katie's Watercolor Landscape

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1 Comment

Meghan P
Meghan P
Dec 09, 2023

Yesssssss Katie!!!! I've seen Katie's art and can't wait to see her next OUT OF THIS WORLD project!!!

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