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Slowfire Spotlight: Ms. Salma

This week for our teacher spotlight is Ms. Salma!

Ms. Salma is passionate about creating digital artwork in her free time but teaches ceramics, drawing and painting, and anime and manga classes at Slowfire.

When teaching her students, Ms. Salma likes to demonstrate first and then encourage them to learn and try new things that work for them. In addition to the demonstration process, Ms. Salma also incorporates brainstorming and mood boards to help inspire her students.

One of Ms. Salma’s favorite things about teaching is when her students surprise themselves by how much they love creating art, especially when they are unsure at the beginning of the process. Ms. Salma enjoys sharing the mutual feelings that happens when creating art with her students which allows it to be a fun and safe space to express yourself.

An example of her digital art is the design on Vincent Van Gogh, Slowfire’s community van. Ms. Salma’s design includes a wheel thrown piece of pottery and flowers surrounding it and the other side of the van has an easel with paint and brushes. Ms. Salma believes “the use of nature shows growth to improve through experience.” She was also inspired by Henri Matisse and his use of bright colors, composition, and abstract expression.

To see availability for Ms. Salma’s classes, click here.

Vincent van Gogh, designed by Ms. Salma.

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