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Slowfire Spotlight: Ms. Evelyn

This week for our teacher spotlight is Ms. Evelyn!

Ms. Evelyn teaches a variety of classes including painting, drawing, wheel throwing, and kindergarten enrichment. Ms. Evelyn’s teaching style is leading by example and then giving students time to experiment and learn on their own before stepping in to give advice.

Creating art allows Ms. Evelyn to relax and escape from the outside world. It also gives her an opportunity to get creative and make designs. She wants this for her students too and likes giving them the ability to build on the skills they already have. When working with younger kids, Ms. Evelyn enjoys giving them new materials to draw and experiment with.

Ms. Evelyn’s favorite types of art are Realism and interactive art work. Realistic art tries to depict the subject truthfully and without any embellishments, which can be hard to replicate but the challenge is what Ms. Evelyn enjoys about it. Interactive art gives the audience a chance to live in the artist’s shoes and engage with the art in a unique way.

To see availability for Ms. Evelyn’s classes, click here.


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