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Slowfire Arts Foundation: Exhibition at Dominican University!

The time has come! We are finally having our first-ever Slowfire Arts Foundation Senior Art Show! This show is extremely important to me, as Ms. Salma, Noelle and I have worked on it for almost a year. I feel honored to be the guest curator of this show at Dominican University, where I attended as an undergrad. 

I am so proud of all my students who have worked hard in our classes and had the courage to submit their beautiful artwork. This collection of works is a true testament to how great Slowfire classes are. 

This exhibition seeks to celebrate older adults' rich and diverse experiences through

the lens of art. In a world that often glorifies youth and innovation, this collection aims to

recognize and amplify seniors' unique stories, wisdom, and creativity to the cultural tapestry.

Through the artistic growth of our artists, we see that art has no age. Creating art can foster growth and healing, ultimately representing a therapeutic process. With this, the Slowfire

Arts Foundation is passionate about helping others create art at any stage of life.

Come out and support the grand opening of our Slowfire Arts Foundation Exhibition on Sunday, January 21st, from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

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