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Partnership with Oak Park Township

With our nonprofit Slowfire Art Foundation, we are hoping to reach more seniors in our community who would benefit from art lessons! Please check out this upcoming partnership with the Oak Park Township. Joss will be offering a series of 4 classes with the following themes: intuitive drawings, abstract fauvist paintings, still life, and watercolor butterflies.

Please call to reserve your spot.

Call Senior Services Nutrition and Activity Hotline: (708) 725-9129 We provide transportation for Oak Park and River Forest residents! Call OP/RF Senior Services Transportation: (708)383-4806

12:45-2pm on the following dates:

2/8: Intuitive drawings

In this class, we will follow a more abstract approach by using a single line to divide space on a sheet of paper. Then, students will use their creative and intuitive minds to fill the spaces with patterns, shapes, objects, etc. Materials include: paper, pencil, pen, sharpie, colored pencils, oil pastels

2/22: Abstract Fauvist Paintings

Using the art of Henri Matisse as our guide, we will create abstract scenes using bright colors and multiple patterns. Images of Henri Mattise paintings will be provided to get creativity flowing. Acrylic paint and watercolor will be the primary materials we will use for this exercise.

3/8: Watercolor Still Life

In this class, we will all draw from a carefully constructed still life in order to train our eyes to notice the depth and light value of objects. We will be first sketching in pencil then using watercolor for value.

3/22: Watercolor Butterflies

In this class we will be creating our own butterflies :) As butterflies are symbols for rebirth and growth, this project is a beautiful opportunity for reflection and self-appreciation.

Images of butterflies will also be provided

Download PDF • 5.75MB

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