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Noelle's Adult Ceramics Week 1 Winter 2023 Intermediate Wheel

This week, we explored stacking forms!

The focus in this process is developing a repeat form, throwing to a certain measurement, controlling the thickness of the walls, and pulling a higher form.

Students threw a 2lb cylinder and left the rim as sturdy as possible! We then measured the exterior of the rims and threw another 2lb cylinder. For the second thrown piece, we made sure the final cylinder's rim matched the measurement of the first cylinder's rim, using our calipers and rulers. It is also helpful in this scenario to make sure the second thrown piece isn't heavier than the first and that you either let cylinder #1 sit or hit it with a heat gun/torch to set it up a bit. Cylinder #2 is thrown without a floor.

We carefully stacked cylinder #2 on cylinder #1, compressed, smoothed the joint with a pottery knife and then carefully pulled a few walls to firm up the joint. Following the stack, we used silicone and then metal ribs to smooth and refine our new, bigger multi-part vase!

For a first effort, the students did great! We will definitely try this again and make adjustments based on the outcome of our first effort!

Students pictured: Mary, Sonali, Lauren, Kara, Lisa, Kristen, Carrie, and Sharon!

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