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Lincoln Elementary School is back again with our Mixed Media Classes!

Happy last day of January, everyone! This blog post is dedicated to a warm welcome to the restart of the first Slowfire program at Lincoln Elementary School in River Forest! I, Ms. Maliya, will lead alongside Teacher Metzli for our Mixed Media classes until March 21. 

On our first day back last Thursday, we spent the afternoon laying down some classroom management rules and encouraging the students to share, following the prompt: What does it mean to be a respectful artist? 

We then followed with our first mixed media collage project, where the kids could get their feet wet in projects involving paper, glue, scissors, markers, and watercolor pencils. Our younger friends in K-1 decided to collage fishes, while the 2nd graders put their drawing skills to the test and drew a frog, crab, and flowers!

I am so excited to see what innovative and unique projects are born from our students at Lincoln! What mixed media pieces have you made before?

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