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June 12 Slowfire Camp Update

We are having so much fun this week making art, taking field trips, baking, playing music and more!


Ms. Salma and Ms. Metzli have led the children through making ceramic friendship bracelet holders, portrait drawings, T Swift album scrapbooks, crazy coil vessels, and painting/drawing album covers. Today, our oldest students at Grove will try the wheel with Ms. Salma.

Mr Shane and Co with Penny Lane Music have been rocking out with the kids to Taylor Swift! Mr Shane has a full band lineup with guitars, drums, microphones, and keyboard and they have been having a blast playing music.

Slowfire Studios: All About LEGO

Ms Maisie, Ms. Jennifer, and Ms Maliya have worked with the children on pressed lego ceramic plates, lego mazes with marbles, and designing your own LEGO avatar. Yesterday, they designed their dream home and did some observational drawing. Today, the children will head to the Conservatory and Rehm Park, followed up with making papier mache Lego Pinatas!

Alice in Chicagoland Adventure Camp

Our tweens/teens have ventured all over the city with Ms. Alice this week! Monday, they played at Maggie Daly Park and visited the Art Institute. Tuesday, the kids visited the Museum of Contemporary Art and the Sports Museum. They all loved the tactile nature of the Sports Museum. Today, they will visit a special exhibit, Bloodsuckers, at the Field Museum and have some quality beach time. :)

Pastry Camp with Ms. Natalie

On Monday, the students baked cakes incorporating ube as the special ingredient. Students have been learning how to make vanilla cake, pastry cream, meringue buttercream and how to build, fill and ice a cake!

Wheel Camp with Mr. Tyler

Students have been learning how to prepare the wheel, center, and throw clay!

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