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Fundamentals of Drawing at the Oak Park Public Library

November 3, 2023

By: Josslyn Baron

In October, I hosted a weekly drawing workshop at the Oak Park Public Library for adults! We focused on the fundamentals of drawing and learned techniques in the following topics: Observational drawing, Introduction to shading, Still life drawing, one-point perspective, and two-point perspective.

Adults were asked to register for each workshop separately, and through our work together, I saw the same faces in all the workshops. It was beautiful to see returning adults and see the development of their drawing skills in just four weeks. I formed great connections with the adults who joined the workshops!

Although these workshops were designed for beginning drawers, I saw exemplary skills in the adults who were present. I altered some areas of my presentations to accommodate people’s varying skill levels. I found this extremely important in working with a big group because it uplifted the growth of varying skills. On average, we had about 11-13 individuals in each workshop, and each person left the workshop feeling accomplished and relaxed, even after our most challenging classes that required a very hands-on technique approach to drawing.

Here are some more photographs from the workshop:

We plan to continue working with the Oak Park Public Library on future collaborations! If you have any workshop recommendations/art classes you would like to see there, please submit those recommendations to us or the library!

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