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Easter Themed Crafts for the Spring Break!

Happy spring break! Many of us are on our spring break for the school year, and this upcoming week is a great time to make crafts! Here are some fun, Easter-themed crafts you and your family can do this weekend or even decorate the house! (All crafts were derived from this link:

  1. Cardboard Tube Bunnies and Chicks: Transform upcycled supplies into animal figures like bunnies and chicks. Use colorful paper or napkins for clothes (and the chick's nose), cardboard tubes for the bodies, and card stock for the ears. To decorate further, you can use markers or colored pencils to outline a face!

  2. Donut Bunnies: For those who love to bake, frosting donuts into white or pink can act as a bunny's face! By attaching marshmallow fluff, the bunnies can have cute ears! Top it off with icing for eyes, whiskers, and teeth!

  3. Carrot Balloons are a great interior project for Easter! Blow multiple orange balloons and top them off with green pipe cleaners for the stem. Feel free to decorate the carrot's texture with markers, too!

  4. Easter Bunny Handprints: For the enthusiastic painters out there, print your hand in white acrylic paint to create the face of a bunny! Top it off with the facial expression using markers and hang it on your windows!

  5. Recycled Egg Cartons!: Recycle your egg cartons for a painting project! Decorate with fun pastels; once dry, use them as a holder for all your easter egg treats!

Feel free to check out the link below to view all 42 fun and easy arts and crafts for your Easter this year! Have fun!

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