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Ceramics Furniture Beyond Conventional: Mirrors, Lamps, and Chairs (Featuring Serghii Makhno)

Ukrainian ceramicist Serghii Makhno recently featured ZEMLYA, an exclusive collection of ceramics pieces that elevate the beauty of function and design in furniture forms. According to Lea Zeitoun, “Meaning ground, land, and Earth in Ukrainian, ZEMLYA is a paradoxical collection that draws inspiration from Makhno’s native land, Ukraine — carefully blending archaism, futurism, and the essence of clay, creating a stunning array of furniture, decor, lighting, mirrors, and bathroom pieces” (November 26, 2023). 

I find that Makhno’s collection truly explores the diverse properties of clay and the innovations with glazing, texture, and form to create a significant, almost at first jarring, look of furniture to place in the home or office. In my perspective, the final product of the chairs almost looks too uncomfortable and unsettling to sit on, yet my curiosity asks that I try it. I appreciate Makhno’s ability to take furniture design unconventionally to convey unusual design solutions and the complexities of an object that society would deem simple and “comfortable.”

Perhaps a challenge I will take on in 2024 is taking a conventional ceramics piece such as a bowl and plate and deforming it. What are other functional pieces that can be deformed and restored differently?

Please check out the rest of Zeitoun’s article highlighting the ZEMLYA collection, along with more images!:  

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