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Kindergarten Art - Ms. Evelyn's notes

During this session of art, our younger students have gotten more opportunity to explore materials in a big way. Kids enjoyed "breaking" the rule about staying inside the lines while exploring textures. We laid out a place on the table where kids were free to explore textures with different rollers, brushes, hands, and various colors. Although they each had a paper to practice on, they didn't need to worry about making a mess or staying inside the lines.

While learning about the body, each child had a huge paper to trace themselves and create life size art. Some kids choose to create outfits they wanted to see themselves in, while others choose a more abstract approach.

Our students learned about shapes between this and last week. We talk about how basic shapes make up everything around us.

During Wednesday's class we learned to make shapes to form a scenery around us. Many students chose to create a house figure. Using shapes like triangles, squares, and circles they were able to come up with a beautiful picture.

In Tuesday's art class we focused on the face. We went over the shapes that make up our face. Kids were excited to get started on creating fantastic self-portraits.

Our printmaking project has been one of the fan favorites so far. Although our students may be young they had the opportunity to work with and explore tools outside their comfort zone. In this multiple step projects kids practiced patience along with exploring art mediums. The first step was using watercolors to create a background. While their watercolor pictures dried they each received a Styrofoam plate, each child was able to create and indent a picture of their choice.

The best part of the day was when they used the roller to apply the ink to their print and transfer it to their watercolor background.


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