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Creating with Color

This fall we added Pre-K and Kindergarten Art Enrichment to our programming.

The students have been enjoying learning the basics of art through the exploration of different mediums. They are learning these foundational skills in both English and Spanish!

Lesson One focused on Color. Some of the first mediums young students are exposed to are crayons and markers.

While many children know their basic colors, many have not yet learned the principles of mixing their primary colors to achieve their secondary colors. This basic foundational skill is amazing to unlock with children. Seeing their brains making those connections, and seeing how they can create one color from two others is amazing.

The students then made connections between the colors we were learning, and real life objects. “Green like broccoli” was our favorite.

Once the principles of color mixing were learned, we moved forward into using paints to create individual unique Rainbow paper.

The students are excited to move forward and explore other foundations of art, and we are excited to take them on that journey!

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