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Chrissy and Cesar

Please welcome our two newest teachers, Chrissy and Cesar!

Christina Cho holds a BS from Dominican University. She has experience in different mediums, especially ceramics, painting, and tie-dye. She is passionate about houseplants and throwing planters for them. She also loves to combine her love of painting and ceramics by painting on her pottery.

Cesar Torres Cesar started his artistic journey at an early age; he now holds an AFA from Morton College and is currently pursuing his BA at Dominican University. Cesar is a multimedia artist proficient in painting, drawing,block printing and sculptural welding. Art is his passion and he loves to teach and inspire the youth.

Chrissy and Cesar are both assisting in the ceramics classrooms this Spring.

Scroll down to see images of their artwork as well as their pics!

Cesar primarily works in oil paint but also uses mixed media. He uses recurrent motifs to explore identity. Chrissy primarily throws on the wheel and loves pottery for the home.


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