Slowfire Beginnings
Enrichment Afternoons

Slowfire Beginnings curriculum will include:

  • Arts & crafts designed to develop motor skills, aid in creativity, increase confidence and expand a child's vocabulary

  • Spanish language lessons with a fluent speaker, Ms Evelyn

  • Movement and Acting with Ms. Gigi of Actor's Garden 

  • Cooking lesson with Ms. Tara, the chef who teaches all the culinary programs at Cheney Mansion (Monday mornings and Thursday afternoons)

  • Outdoor gross motor movement play at Barrie Park

  • Guest artists from our staff (Ms. Joss, Ms. Salma, Ms. Brie)


We have built in very small group lessons into the curriculum, on top of their general day with Ms Evelyn, so that you can be certain your child is accessing a full schedule of activities and working on multiple skillsets! Hosting all of these classes at Slowfire also eases transitions for this age group and gives them a variety of people to learn from and a variety of educational play. We believe that when students are happy and engaged, they learn!

Slowfire Studios is a low sensory environment and at this time, the morning program will only enroll 5 children. If there is a larger demand, we will consider adding more staff and the ratio will always be 4.5 children: 1 adult.


The program will be led by Ms. Evelyn, who has a degree in psychology and painting/drawing from Dominican University. She has been working as a therapist for children with special needs for the last five years in Chicago.

Monday-Friday 12:00-2:20pm
September 6-December 16
Days off: November 23-25th

$208/week for the full course 
This is the best value option.
This cost includes all the guest specials (Ms Tara, Ms Nora, Ms Gigi) that will be scheduled on those days. 

$93 weekly, Tuesday and Thursday 12:00-2:20pm 
This cost includes all the guest specials those days. 

$139 weekly Monday, Wednesday, Friday 12:00-2:20pm
This cost includes all the guest specials those days. 


907 S Lombard Avenue, next door to Buzz Cafe

  • Ages 3-6 Child must be potty trained.


Online deposit will be applied to the first week. Parents will be invoiced monthly. We ask that we receive a commitment for the Fall schedule from families so we can book all of our teachers and specials! Cancellations require 8 weeks notice. 

There are no plans available.