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Highlights of 2023

As we embark on the last day of the year, reflecting on Slowfire’s 2023 highlights is only fitting. 

This year, we opened a brand new studio at 629 S Grove! With beautiful colors and talented artists, our new Grove space is a new home to future creatives. 

I had the privilege to aid my team and Slowfire’s founder, Noelle Allen, in bringing this radiant student to life. This year, we also welcomed new teachers on our staff.

Our team here at Slowfire is like none other! 

In addition to our new space, many new students joined our Slowfire community this year. We are all so grateful to get to know every one of you! It was a year full of art, laughs, and fun here in our classes. 

This year also served as a giving one, as we provided free art classes for older adults every Wednesday at the Oak Park and River Forest Township, thanks to our Slowfire Arts Foundation. Furthermore, in the first quarter of 2023, the Slowfire Arts Foundation awarded students 27 free or reduced art education scholarships. 

Please consider donating to the Slowfire Arts Foundation this end of the year so that we can continue making art accessible to all:

People worldwide affirm that they want to make a positive impact by supporting nonprofit organizations. As a small, local nonprofit, Slowfire Foundation has set a modest goal to raise $4,750 today. We are very, very low in funding for 2024. Your donation will help children access our services. Scholarship funding means children can attend our after-school programming, summer camps, and 7-week-long art education services. Your donation toward this goal will also engage 30 older adults each week in a free art class! These individuals are low-income, often isolated, and will not have access to art classes without your help.


Through a partnership with Oak Park Township, individuals from Oak Park and surrounding communities (like Austin, Galewood, Maywood, and Berwyn) are bused to a location where they receive a free lunch, a critical opportunity to socialize with their peers, and the chance to participate in a creative art class lead by Slowfire’s talented staff. Slowfire will provide 2 weekly classes, serving 15 older adults in each class. Your gift today means an older adult can look forward to a regular art class and lunch with friends!

Happy New Year's Eve!

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